Andes Venezolanos

The Venezuelan Andes are one of the endings of the great Cordillera de los Andes, extending from Patagonia to Venezuela and Colombia. Despite not having great heights, it has a lot of mountains over 4,000 meters high, which in some amazing landscapes invite us to know the fascinating world of the high mountains.

Getting into these mountains, we find numerous valleys, within which we will know incredible landscapes, ranging from the low lands of Los Llanos until the high landscape of El Paramo, with beautiful lakes and incredible forests, that make this hikes, experiences where we discover landscapes that change with every step we take.


Santa María de Canaguá - Gavidia

This spectacular trekking, go through an old route, knows as Camino Real, used by the Timotes indians to transport their goods from the Andes communities to the low lands of Los Llanos of Venezuela. The journey will allow us to cross different...

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Laguna de Santo Cristo (Santo Cristo lake)

Venezuelan Andes show us spectacular landscapes, full of contrasts and despite of the retreat of the glaciers, still allows us to appreciate from many corners and to discover the wonderful world of high mountain in Venezuela. The Santo Cristo...

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