Despite as not well known as Peru, it is a very interesting for all lovers of the great mountains of the Andes destination. It has about 14 mountains over 6,000 meters and one of the most accessible. It also has mountain ranges with peaks without ascending and relatively unexplored regions, which make the experience in this country, a much more interesting experience.


Pequeño Alpamayo - Huayna Potosí - Illimani

This trip allows us to know three of the most emblematic mountains of Bolivia, the Pequeño Alpamayo, the Huayna Potosi and Illimani. Pequeño Alpamayo with its 500 meters, it offers a beautiful climb, which leads by incredible glaciers and final...

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  • Intermedio - Alto
  •   14-18 Días
  • 2-10
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The Sajama is the highest mountain in Bolivia. With its 6.542 meters dominates the Western Cordillera, conformed by several volcanoes, including Parinacota and Pomerape. Despite being a fairly easy mountain from the technical point of view, their...

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  • Intermedio
  •   4-6 Días
  • 2-12
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Lago Titicaca y Salar de Uyuni

These two natural wonders are within Bolivia. Both allow us to make better acclimatization process in case you want to make various climbs in the Bolivian mountains or simply enjoy breathtaking scenery in these areas. Lake Titicaca is the highest...

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  • Fácil
  •   3-4 Días
  • 2-16
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