Venezuela has countless places to practice rock climbing from Rocks Schools where to start in the fascinating world of climbing up the great walls of the Tepuyes and alpine climbing in the region of the Venezuelan Andes.


The Cuevas del Indio Recreational Park, better known as Guairita, is a limestone hill, which has a number of caves, which gives it its name. It also has rock walls where you can practice rock climbing. Due to its location and amenities, it forms...

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Located at east of Venezuela, this area has a potential rock climbing with an incredible and almost infinite rock areas. Nearby of the town, we find the famous Puertas de Miraflores, with routes of various lengths and an incredible atmosphere, La...

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San Juan de los Morros

The "Morros de San Juan" are a limestone rock formation, very suitable for climbing, and in recent years has represented one of the main areas of practice for most climbers of central Venezuela. Climbed for the first time in 1929, the "Morros de...

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The incredible rock formations that represent the Tepuys constitute a paradise for rock climbers, offering countless walls, which allow us access to this amazing "Lost World", as described by Arthur Conan Doile. We have the option of making large...

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