Mountaineering is the activity that allows us to reach all the summits that we propose, from those summits which are not technically complex to those that require complex technics and a lot of logistics to many days to reach them.

All the Andes Mountains is full of these incredible peaks and there are infinite possibilities to climb and reach beautiful peaks along the entire geography of the Andes, from Venezuela and Colombia to Patagonia Argentina as its southernmost end.


Venezuela has one of the northern ends of the Andes, which results in the presence of a lot of mountains over 4,000 meters high. Currently two with the presence of eternal glaciers and interesting climbing routes and access to many of these...

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Nepal is one of the most desire destinations for mountaineers, first by having 5 of the highest mountains on the planet, including the highest, Mount Everest, which rises above the Khumbu valley at 8,848 meters. But not only the mountains are the...

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Peru is one of the countries with the biggest influx of tourist in South America. Peru has in its territory the impressive Nazca Lines and one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world that is Machu Pichu. But for mountaineers, the...

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Colombia owns the northern part of the Andes mountains. And within their summits, we have known Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, with incredible landscapes and lakes, which give us access to snow peaks of up to 5,300 meters. There are also a series of...

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Ecuador is best known for being the "Middle of the World" or their Galapagos Islands. But in the Mountain environment also features a series of mountains, most of them are volcanoes that make this country an interesting destination for mountaineers,...

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Despite as not well known as Peru, it is a very interesting for all lovers of the great mountains of the Andes destination. It has about 14 mountains over 6,000 meters and one of the most accessible. It also has mountain ranges with peaks without...

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Better known for the tango and football, this country has the highest mountain on the continent, the Aconcagua, which is a special attraction for all mountaineers, especially for those wishing to climb the peaks in the Himalayas. In addition to...

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When we are talking about the history of mountaineering, the name of the Alps and especially Mont Blanc appears as the starting point of this activity, with the first climb in 1.786 to the top of that mountain, mountaineering as starts we know it...

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