Trekking or Hiking is an activitie that allows us to get by our own, without the use of vehicles,  to many places of «difficult» access, specially in mountain areas, without the need of technical equipment for access to these places.

In Venezuela, the access to the mountains of the Lost World, make this activity something usual that means the ascent to the famous Tepuyes, these incredible mountains with vertical walls and tops, relatively planes allow us discover incredible landscapes from another world.

On the same way, in the Andes, we find countless of routes that draw us in these valleys and allow us to enjoy small communities and landscapes that are «isolated» from the big cities and let us to disconnect a little of our daily lives.


The Tepuys are mountains with a very particular shape, they have vertical walls and a relatively flat top, which resembles a large table. These mountains are the oldest sedimentary rocks formations on the planet; its origins dating back to the...

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Andes Venezolanos

The Venezuelan Andes are one of the endings of the great Cordillera de los Andes, extending from Patagonia to Venezuela and Colombia. Despite not having great heights, it has a lot of mountains over 4,000 meters high, which in some amazing...

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Avila or Waraira Repano is the guardian of the city of Caracas and is part of the whole Cordillera de la Costa, which runs almost the entire northern Venezuela and in Caracas reaches it’s the two highest peaks, the Pico Oriental and Pico...

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